How to Thoughtfully Upgrade Your Home When You Need More Space

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When you have the ideal house and begin to expand your family, you might find that you have less and less room as time goes on. If you don't want to buy a new, larger house, you will need to expand the space you already have. You have many options to do this, and here are some small projects you can undergo to upgrade your home when you require more space. It is crucial to remember that before beginning any kind of construction project, you should speak with a contractor and your county assessor to determine whether you need to adhere to any ordinances.

Find inspiration for your project

If you are at a point where you may need more space in your home and have no idea what to do, the internet has a wealth of ideas for you. In your research, you can look at home improvement websites, start a Pinterest board, and confer with contractors or your real estate agent to find inspiration for your latest project. Real estate agents are a wonderful resource to help you decide on additions that will increase the value of your home.

Add a second story to your home

Before taking on this task, interview a few contractors to help you complete the project. A contractor can help determine if your house has the proper structure and foundation to handle a second story. Confer with your contractor to determine if the space will allow for just one room or if there can be multiple rooms. Adding a second story to your home is a large project that could take several months. Select a home remodeling company you feel comfortable with and know you can trust. For tips and advice on how to find the right contractor for your needs, you can go to Home Advisor’s website.

Add a bonus room to your garage

If your house has a garage, adding a bonus room can be a convenient solution. It is less complicated than adding a second story to your home. There will not be as many ordinances to follow or permits to get if you are just adding extra space. If you would like to use this room as a small living area, there are some rules you need to comply with but not as many as a second story.

Create a sunroom with your front porch

If your home has a porch, you can expand the space and increase the appeal of your house by converting the porch into a sunroom. You might be able to complete this project on your own or with only minimal assistance from a contractor. Creating a sunroom will not only add space, but it will add some charm and give your home a nice cozy feel.

Get creative with your backyard

In addition to turning your front porch into a sunroom, if you have a back patio, you can get creative with how you utilize that area. You can expand it to make it slightly bigger and enclose it just as you did with your front porch to turn it into a cozy back room. If you don't intend to add any additional lighting to this area, you can complete this project on your own; otherwise, be sure to hire a reliable electrician. One of the most popular home additions that will add value to your home is an outdoor kitchen. All you need is a grill and some seating space. Other additions can include a bar and a pizza oven.

Add an extension to your home

You can add a modular extension if you want to increase the size of your home with few complications. With a modular extension, you get the space and a second story without the hassle of construction from building a second story. Modular extensions are prebuilt, and you can choose if you want a single-story side extension or if you want to add a second story. Additionally, with a modular extension, you would not have to leave your home while the contractors add it since the setup is less complicated than trying to build an extra room or story.

Add a prefab guest house or modular space

Similar to adding a modular extension to your home, you have the option to add a prefab (prebuilt) building to your property. These spaces are complete rooms that are designed and prefabricated or prebuilt and require no construction to your existing home. All you need is the space on your property to place it, and the company that builds it for you will install it wherever you want. Studio Shed provides a free consultation if you want to explore this idea.

Create the illusion of extra space

You can forego the headaches of construction and create the illusion of having more space. You can give the impression that a room is bigger by altering the interior design of the space. A coat of lighter color paint opens a space, and rearranging furniture or perhaps buying less bulky furniture can also make the room feel more spacious. The are many interior design tricks you can apply yourself. Or you can hire a local interior designer who will help modernize your space while making it feel more open and airy.

Work with a Palm Springs realtor

If you have Palm Springs real estate or luxury Rancho Mirage real estate and wish to expand your space without buying a new house, you have options. Finding the ideal motivation for your expansion and selecting contractors to assist with this project are straightforward tasks. The most crucial aspect of this project is knowing who to hire, and Gregg Fletcher is the realtor you should speak with if you need someone with a network of contacts in the business world. You can see how his former clients adore him, which should be enough to convince you to get in touch and see what he has to say.

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