How To Stage The 5 Most Important Rooms In Your Home

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Staging your home before putting it on the market is an important step toward finding a buyer fast and showcasing the house at its best. Decluttering will be a major theme during the process, and you should consider repainting the rooms to bring some luster to the well-loved and used spaces of your home. The goal should be for the home to be photographable and alluring, like stepping into a magazine. Windows should be used to their full potential, and every room in the house can benefit from sunlight.

Southern California has some highly coveted real estate, like the mid-century modern homes for sale in Palm Springs, which characteristically have large windows and open-floor plans. Whether you are preparing your primary residence that is lived in and slightly worn or your vacation home that has been used only briefly, here are some tips on staging your space.

Living room

The living room is the heart of any home, and for those scouring the market, this space can make or break whether buyers are interested in seeing the rest of the house. There are several ways to make your living room as enticing as possible. First and foremost, take advantage of any natural light that enters this area and make sure to draw the blinds.

Another good rule of thumb is to minimize clutter on surfaces like coffee tables and technology consoles. You should remove personal photo frames and souvenirs and keep neutral decor that enhances the area. Living rooms see a lot of foot traffic and, as a result, need more attention during the cleaning and painting process. From Palm Springs real estate to Indian Wells real estate, these gorgeous Southern California homes speak for themselves, so staging your space is all about emphasizing the layout and features of the house.


One way a kitchen can be spruced up is by storing any smaller appliances to keep counter spaces open. This space should be cleaned with a fine-tooth comb and take into consideration every detail, including fresh dish towels, an empty sink, and no trash left behind that could create an odor. Open shelves and glass door cabinets add character to a kitchen and should be accentuated by being kept organized and even stylized. 

An island can be a gorgeous focal point of a kitchen and should be kept relatively bare, except for a bouquet or a fruit bowl. If your bananas are turning brown, you could throw them out, or better yet, bake some banana bread on the day of an open house for a pleasant aroma and added ambiance. While some use the kitchen daily, others may rarely use this space of the home, so emphasizing the utility of the space is the key takeaway.

Dining room

The dining room is another hub for activity and, as a result, would typically benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Food splatters and dingy walls do not show the home in the best light, and there is no better way to polish up a space than with the backdrop of pristine walls. This space requires a deep clean, and it is essential not to overlook chairs or any abused upholstery.

A dining room table that is the right size for the space helps buyers see how many people they can potentially seat. This room should also be stripped back to the essentials yet still comfortable enough to be intriguing to those who love to host. If you want to go the extra mile and set the table, it would be best to keep this simple and not overly cluttered, and if your table is unmarred, skip the tablecloth altogether. This space has versatility, and you should showcase its many uses through the staging process.


The bedroom is a space that should be kept simple, and the bedding in the rooms should remain neutral so that the room attracts a wide range of people. Since the bed is the centerpiece of this room, the sheets should be neutral and made to hotel standards. The small details can be the most important, like perfectly arranged throw pillows or a warm lamp in a dim corner.

Style and decor are subjective, so keeping the space minimal lets those who walk through imagine the room as their own. This is a crucial area to declutter by removing most personal effects and keeping windows unobstructed to allow in the most natural light. A well-placed mirror can maximize the available light for bedrooms lacking windows. The luxury homes for sale in Riverside County are unmatched, so less is more when it comes to staging.

Outdoor areas

One of the perks of living in Southern California is the year-round tropical weather. When it comes time to sell your house, those who took advantage of their outdoor spaces help potential buyers envision how the area can be used. The area surrounding your home should be equally cared for and as hospitable as the interior of the house.

The backyard of your property should be an oasis for you and your guests. A manicured yard can often be a significant selling point for home buyers, and on a sunny California day, enjoying the privacy of your own backyard should feel like a staycation. When staging the exterior, make sure any pools, hot tubs, or fountains have been recently cleaned and maintained. Overall, outdoor spaces should be maximized for comfort and utility while being regularly groomed.

Selling your home in Southern California can be a breeze

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