17 Timeless Rancho Mirage Living Room Decorating Tips

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You will spend a lot more time in your living area than you do Netflix-binging. It is also the most important room in your Rancho Mirage luxury house when it comes to decor. Living rooms are often the first and most visited rooms during a house tour. A beautiful living room will draw you in and encourage you to stay. Making big design decisions can be stressful because of the stakes.

A living room should include entertainment, seating, and comfort. However, there are many key steps you can take to make it a beautiful space. These important decor tips will help you design and decorate a living area that is both functional and beautiful.

Mix light with dark

Living rooms can feel too clean and unapproachable if they are all bright white. If it's darkened, it can feel as if it's a prison. Combining light and dark colors creates a dynamic, balanced look in your Rancho Mirage luxury home. Designing spaces with at least a little bit of white and a little bit of black is a great idea.

Contrast your neutrals

It is important to decorate a living area with a variety of contrasting neutrals. This will help make it feel richer and more inviting than just adding some black and white. The contrast between the white walls and the brown sofa, chocolate leather, brass hardware, and blue-gray cabinetry in the above photo highlights the various finishes and undertones. This gives the palette an even richer feel before any other key elements are added, such as color or pattern.

Have fun with texture

A living room's texture can be overlooked, as we rarely see it or feel it. You must make your Rancho Mirage luxury home living room cozy. Choose soft textures that appeal to the senses and more hardy textures that offer contrast. Add leather, cotton, wool, metal, stone, and glass to your living space. Pillows make a great starting point, especially when decorating a small living room. For small amounts of new material, you can look to accessories and furnishings for inspiration.

Add some woodwork

Wood is a top material that can add warmth to a space. There are many ways you can add wood to your Rancho Mirage luxury home living room. As an example of some of the options, consider wall paneling, side tables, movable stools, picture frames, or sofa legs – as well as carved pieces.

Mix and match your upholstery

Even though most furniture stores allow you to buy an entire living space in matching upholstery (which is quite common), it is not something you should do. For formal areas, matching upholstery can add a sense of order and maturity. However, for a cozy, welcoming living space, mix and match your upholstered pieces.

Mixing leather and fabric chairs is a great way to accomplish this. It adds variety to the living room and gives family members different options for their seating preferences.

Choose practical fabrics

Sofas are important in living rooms. They must be both comfortable and durable. The meaning of this will depend on who you are. It's best to go with mid-tone fabrics, as they will not show soil or wear.

Because it is easily cleanable after spills, leather is a great material to prevent stains. It can also be scratched more easily than other fabrics, so it might not last as long. A leather with a pattern or broken-in look can age particularly well.

Corduroy or denim are other materials that are both comfortable and durable. You'll find them to be more inviting than plain cotton or wool upholstery. You should consider a combination of synthetic and natural fabrics for your Rancho Mirage luxury home living area furniture. It is important to test the fabric before you buy. A tight weave will make your furniture last longer than a looser one.

Add some color to the mix

It is possible to create a beautiful space in your Rancho Mirage luxury home without bright hues. However, adding some color to a room can make it more inviting and relaxed.

Use patterned rugs

A pattern is a powerful tool for design. It infuses a space with energy and minimizes the likelihood of it getting stained or worn. These are just some of the many benefits that a patterned rug can bring to the "fifth" wall – the ground. They anchor a space and give the space life. Even if the carpeting in your home is already installed, a rug could be an option to add to your living space. You will be grateful that you had it the first time you roll it up after a large spill.

Movable tables and stools

Side chairs that can be moved around and tables, ottomans, and stools that are lighter weight make a living space more comfortable.

Use smaller pieces to allow for movement between pieces and the main seating.

Think about conversational distances

There are limitations to the size and comfort of your living rooms. To facilitate conversation, there should be a minimum of eight feet between your seats. If you have many sofas or side chairs, this means that the seating area should extend to eight feet.

Although a large 12-seat sectional sofa might look great at a party, it is not the best way to create a comfortable living room. Instead, use smaller, more compact pieces of furniture and move them closer together.

Don't take this too seriously

A living room is an ideal space for embracing thoughtful disorder. To be perfect will lead to anything not in its place being noticed. Accepting a little chaos can mean that the occasional blanket or dropped item in your Rancho Mirage luxury home will look just right.

Accessorize your home with art and collections

If you put art or collections on your living rooms walls, they will bring life to the space. Hang items in groups for maximum impact. The biggest error in hanging photos is to hang them too high.

This quartet of large prints is low enough to be visually connected to the sofa. The painting on a nearby wall is at eye level, and it is connected to the lamp in a corner.

Pick a focal point

Do you have large pieces of artwork, an entertainment system, or a fireplace in the living room? If you are looking for inspiration, the best place to start is to find your natural focal point. Most homes will have a focal point that you first notice when entering the room. You don't need all your furniture to face this focal point, but it is worth considering if you want the room to be centered around it.

Set up a center

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a coffee or ottoman table or a group of chairs, make sure your living area has a prominent center. If the living space in your Rancho Mirage luxury home is larger, you can add multiple center points like a coffee table on one side and additional seating on another.

Make it functional

It has to be noted that your living room must always be functional. This is best done by thinking about how many people will use the room and what it will be used for. This will allow you to decide on the style, size, or quantity of furnishings you'll need.

Select scaled parts

The best way to decorate your Rancho Mirage luxury home is by using balanced pieces. To create a well-balanced space, you should choose pieces that have different sizes and heights. Start with the larger pieces and arrange them around the main furniture.

Add dimension

By adding dimension, texture, and dimension, your living room will have a visual appeal that adds interest and visual interest. It can be hard to pick the right decorations, as they are often the last things that should be chosen for a space. By adding artwork, photos, shelves, mirrors, and shelves to your living rooms, you can create depth and height. Hanging art or objects on the walls should be considered by the ceiling's height. The decor should be placed at eye level.

Wrapping up

It's crucial to consider traffic flow when arranging your Rancho Mirage luxury home. Your furniture arrangement will affect how people enter, exit, navigate, and use the space. Do you find it difficult to get into and out of the seating? If there are several people in the room, does the space feel cramped? Consider the space you have and select the right furnishings to maximize the use of this high-traffic area.

A well-balanced living area will look and feel balanced if you focus on symmetry. To create symmetry, pair side tables, chairs, and sofas on opposite ends of the room. This will make your coffee table the focal point of the arrangement.

You can make your living room unique by mixing and matching colors and textures. Use your favorite color in different shades in the room. A neutral-toned couch can be paired with a patterned chair. Mixing an accent chair can make your living space stand out.

An area rug is an important part of decorating your living room. A function, as well as adding texture and dimension to a space, is the area rug. You'll need to choose a rug that will match your existing color scheme. Make sure you choose the right size rug to fit your room and furniture. The rug should be at least six to 12 inches from the walls.

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